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Powdered Milk

South American Feed (SAF) has direct access to the four largest producers of powdered milk in Argentina.  

















Four Primary Products:


  • Whole Milk Powder

  • Skim Milk Powder

  • Whey Powder (Demineralized 40%, 60% or 90%)

  • Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (IFCMP)


Chinese dairy imports from Argentina reached 25,000 tonnes worth US$63M, representing 1% of the total imported value.  Those imports were primarily concentrated in whey, and to a lesser extent cheese and milk powder.  


Exports from Argentina have increased steadily in recent years, and  growth in 2011 and 2012 was particularly strong, driven primarily by increased sales in cheese and whey.


Argentine Whole Milk Powder


In 2012, 240,000 tons of 26% whole milk powder in 25-kilo bags were exported from Argentina.


Instant Whole Milk Powder, ADPI  EXTRA GRADE QUALITY


SAF can provide large quantities of Whole Milk Powder, in large 25-kilo bags or smaller 500 gram bags inside a private label box, on a monthly basis.


Ingredients: Standardized and pasteurized bovine milk, soya lecithin with vitamins A & D.


Shipping: Bulk (25-kilo bags) or 500-gram bags, 24 per box.


Shelf-life: Twenty four (24) months from production date.


Physical-Chemical Composition:


Fat Matter                  26% min.

Moisture                     3% max.

Lactose                       36% min.

Proteins                      25% min.

Ashes (500-550ºC)  7% max.

Humectability            30 seg. Max.

Dispersability                        85% min.

Vitamin A                   2300 UI / 100 gr

Vitamin D                   300 UI / 100 gr



Skim Milk Powder


Although less common as Whole Milk Powder, SAF has access to several producers of high quality Skim Milk powder.



Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (IFCMP)


25-kilo Bags or smaller 500-gram aluminum bags in BOX 500 grams for supermarkets. 



Both of the above can be special labeled for the importing company.



Opportunities for Private Labels, in a carton box with a 500 gram bag of Whole Milk that produces approximately 4-liters of milk.



Whey Powder Demineralized (DEM) 40%, 60% and 90%. 


Whey is a by-product of cheese production and is demineralized by a combination of modern demineralization technology.  Demineralized whey powder (90%) is the product of spray-drying of high demineralized whey.


Application: Infant formula and Infant food. It is also used in industrial uses, including the animal food industry and a base for many food products.


Shelf Life: 18 months from production, if properly maintained in the storage conditions and closed packaging specified.


Availability:    At least 500 MT (90%) per month.



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