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Animal Proteins (Fish Meal, Poultry Meal, and others)

One of the major protein sources for the pet food and aquaculture industries, animal proteins are critical ingredients. SAF is most active in fish meal (60%), poultry meal (65%), as well as other protein meals including meat and bone meal, pork meal, feather meal and shrimp meal. 


Our primary fish meal is sourced exclusively from wild-caught Hake, a premium white fish that is sustainably fished in the Southern Atlantic region, of the Patagonian coasts of Argentina. Our partner is the largest seafood producer in the region and this assures that our fish meal is single sourced, not mixed, and pure. We offer a 60% minimum protein product. We also can offer shrimp meal (38% to 40%), produced with the most premium and sustainably-fished, natural, wild-caught, Patagonian Red Shrimp. 

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