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Patagonian Argentine Red Shrimp (Pleoticus muelleri)




















Caught in the icy waters of Patagonia, not far from Antarctica, this wild-caught Patagonian Red Shrimp is a true delicacy! Many of the leading chefs of the world are calling this one of the best eating shrimp in the world. In fact, many say the flavor is more like lobster, than lobster. Regardless, in comparison to farm-raised shrimp and even other wild-caught shrimp, the Patagonian Red Shrimp is a fabulous value for a very large, wild-caught shrimp. Over the last years, many of these shrimp have been sold to Japan's nicest sushi restaurants for tempura and are regarded in Japan as a true delicacy. Today, we are able to offer our clients frozen on board L1, L2 and L3, head-on or head off, as well as large volumes of peeled and deveined shrimp, in bulk or individual bags for the retail industry. 


SAF has a direct representation agreement with the leading shrimp and squid operators in Argentina. Our partner has a large fleet of shrimping trawlers and operates year-round in the Patagonian coldwater fisheries. Our partner is seeking distribution for his high quality shrimp, and has experience primarily selling into Japan. SAF is working to expand sales into China, the US and other markets.


Product: The Argentine Red Shrimp (Langostino Austral, Langoustine, Camarón langostín argentine, Camarón oceánico) is a coldwater, premium shrimp found in the southwest Atlantic, from Brazil to Argentina. Frozen-on-board Langoustine means that it is frozen while still alive at sea, thus preserving all the organoleptic properties. Scientific Name: Pleoticus Muelleri, Spanish: Gambón austral, Superfamily: Penaeoidea; French: Crevettes d'Argentine; Family: Solenoceridae; Italian: Gambero argentine.


Taste/Texture: Argentine Red Shrimp meat is deliciously tender with a sweet taste and is ideal cooked on the barbecue, in the oven and for sushi and sashimi. It is exceptional in pasta, and also fried. Many chefs on a global basis are focused on this incredible, wild-caught shrimp.


Sustainability: The Argentinean fishery is controlled by a state body that outlines a set of regulations with the objective of governing and preserving the maximum sustainability of the species.




















Sizes: HOSO L1, L2, & L3

  • HOSO L1: Frozen HOSO Prawn / Caliber L1. Export box Master 12kg, 6 boxes of 2 kg (2 kilo box will have approximately 10 to 20 Langoustine)

  • HOSO L2: Frozen HOSO Prawn / Caliber L2. Export box Master 12kg, 6 boxes of 2 kg (2 kilo box will have approximately 20 to 30 Langoustine)

  • HOSO L3: Frozen HOSO Prawn / Caliber 3. Export box Master 12kg, boxes of 2 kg (2 kilo box will have approximately 30 to 40 Langoustine)


Peeled and Deveined: SAF is able to provide large volumes of the peeled and deveined shrimp, in bulk, 25-lb bags, and, depending on the contract, we can produce 1 or 2 lb bags for supermarket groups. This is a very special product and is becoming much more appreciated in the US, Europe and Asia due to the exceptional flavor and value, not to mention the fact that these are wild-caught shrimp. 



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