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The Client comes first!

We believe that you, the client, come first. We promise to focus on serving you with integrity and a superior level of professionalism.

Our objective is to develop a long-term partnership with our clients. This means starting out small, trying to understand your specific needs and growing our business together.

How can we help you to achieve your business goals? This is what matters to us. If we focus on you first, hopefully we will be partners in five years, and ideally great friends in 20 years.

You are our future and we hope that we can build a long-term partnership with you.


The partners in SAF are experienced, international professionals, with significant experience in marketing, global business and trading, and banking. We strive to offer a unique business experience and provide a level of service that is not typical when dealing in these markets


We have partner offices in Argentina, Brazil, Florida, Texas, Hong Kong, Tokyo and China. 


To speak with us directly, please send us an email. 

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