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Primary Animal Feed Products

SAF works with leading producers of niche ingredient and feed products that must meet our strict sustainability and quality control requirements. We are most active in animal protein products and can offer the highest quality fish meal (60%), shrimp meal (38% to 40%), poultry meal (65%), as well as other protein meals including meat and bone meal, pork meal and feather meal.. 


Our primary fish meal is sourced exclusively from wild-caught Hake, a premium white fish that is sustainably fished in the Southern Atlantic region, of the Patagonian coasts of Argentina. Our partner is the largest seafood producer in the region and this assures that our fish meal is single sourced, not mixed, and pure. We offer a 60% minimum protein product. We also can offer shrimp meal, produced with the most premium and sustainably-fished, natural, wild-caught, Patagonian Red Shrimp. 


SAF is also active in Citrus Pulp Pellet (CPP) a niche, specialized feed mainly for the dairy livestock industry. CPP is high in fiber and many critical vitamins, it is excellent for dairy operations, and given our extensive container shipping experience, SAF can offer a true farm to dairy floor delivery service. 

SAF offers Sweet Potato Pellets and Powders. This super quality, high starch, ingredient has many critical nutritional values and has become very important in the pet food industry

In addition, SAF has experience in many other feed ingredients and products and can probably assist you in sourcing the best quality products at the most competitive prices, if it is available in our region.

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