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Primary Animal Feed Products

SAF works with many of the leading producers of alfalfa (for bales and cubes), cottonseed, citrus pulp pellets (CPP), as well as corn and other commodity crops. Through our extensive relations in the region, we are able to offer excellent quality feed and feed ingredient products.  

Alfalfa bales, cottonseed and CPP are excellent for dairy operations, and given our extensive container shipping experience, SAF can offer a true farm to dairy service. 


Our alfalfa cubes are very high in protein for the horse, sheep, goat, and deer operators, and our alfalfa bales are for dairy operations, especially the higher protein bales, as well as most other forage requirements.


SAF also works directly with various large animal protein producers and can offer meat and bone meal, poultry meal, feather meal, and fish meal


In addition, if a livestock operator needs balanced and finished feed product, one of our partners is the largest cattle and swine feed group in the region, led by a group of esteemed veterinarians, and with this partner we can offer highly specialized feed solutions, specifically for the pre-starter weaning phase. Most of our clients for this product are livestock operators in swine, poultry and beef. 
















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