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High Quality Poultry Products



SAF Food has established very important partnerships in Argentina and Brazil in the poultry and chicken production industry. We are able to source large volumes of this product, but given the number of scam traders in the market for chicken products, SAF is only are willing to work with direct, qualified buyers. Our partners produce a wide range of chicken products, most competitively in Brazil, including chicken breasts, wings, and thighs, whole chickens, paws & feet, as well as gizzards, livers, and hearts. SAF can also offer product that is Jalal-certified.  

Additionally, SAF is active in the pet industry, and we can offer pet treat products, such as jerkies, and poultry meal, as a feed ingredient.


Examples of some of the offerings.



whole chicken
Chicken Wing
Breast 3
wings1 (1)
Quarter leg
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