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Highest Quality Feed Products


South American Feed Products provides solutions to select livestock and feed operators, many of whom are located in Asia, but also in the Caribbean, the Middle East, and other markets. We have extensive experience in sourcing many types of protein, energy and fiber feed products directly from producers throughout South America that meet our clients' specific needs and then managing their logistics requirements.

We have three categories of products: commodity products, finished feeds, and specialty products. We generally have two types of primary feed clients: livestock operators, and feed makers, but also work with crushing facilities and full-fat businesses. Additionally, given our extensive regional relations, we are connected with premium food producers in powdered milk, beef, chicken, and seafood.

We specialize in containerized shipments of these products, with minimum order requirements of 200 metric tons, in most cases, and we strive to achieve long-term relations with our clients interested in receiving ongoing monthly or quarterly orders.

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