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Specialized Feed & Food Solutions

SAF Feed & Food started as a boutique, high quality feed & grain distribution and marketing firm, and today has expanded to offer select food products as well. 






SAF Feed has in-house ability to directly supply a wide range of niche feed ingredients for the livestock and pet industry including animal proteins (such as fish meal, shrimp meal, meat and bone meal, etc) CPP (citrus pulp pellets), cottonseed, alfalfa, and other feed products. SAF can customize your feed ingredient needs at the most affordable cost possible--providing Farm to Operator services with containerized shipments, depending on the product.​​ We also offer access to primary grain and oilseed commodity products, including a capability to fraction out a full bulk vessel with products such as CPP, soybean, soybean meal and corn.

​We want to be your preferred South American provider of feed ingredients and specialty grains and we can source what you need from our markets. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with global livestock operators and feed producers, primarily located in Asia.  






SAF Food has direct agreements in place with some of the largest Shrimp & Seafood, Beef and Chicken, Pulse, and Peanut producers in the region. In addition, SAF Food can help source many other products from direct producers throughout our extensive South American network. ​

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South America is the highest quality / lowest cost agricultural economy today. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay are in the midst of enormous technological advancement in the production of high-quality feed and nutrition products for the dairy, cattle, pork, poultry and aquaculture industries. Every year, global feed companies and livestock operators consume more product from South America.

Our regional partners are leaders in their segments, owning over 500,000 hectares of soybean, cotton, corn, alfalfa, wheat, barley, sunflower, safflower, and bean production. We can arrange very large shipments of commodity products, including sugar, corn, soybean, and soybean meal, and specialize in the production of value-added feed mixes that meet our client's nutritional requirements.

Our team has significant, combined experience in global logistics, and we can assure effective management of your shipping needs. We specialize in bulk, containerized shipments for clients that typically average between 500 and 1500 metric tons per order; however, if the buyer meets certain criteria, we also are able to facilitate bulk, Panamax shipments of grains and soybean meal.

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