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SAF works with several of the leading cotton producers in Argentina and we can offer excellent quality cottonseed. Our producers offer SGS analysis and other inspection services, if needed, to provide the end-buyer confidence in the quality.  


There are many Benefits of Feeding Whole Cottonseed

Dairy Producers and beef operators build their rations around whole cottonseed for many reasons:

It results in more milk and butterfat. This is continually seen--whole cottonseed increases both milk production and fat when adding it to the ration of the high-producing dairy cow. 

Whole cottonseed is recognized as a cost-effective “triple-nutrient.” On a dry matter basis, whole cottonseed offers:

  • High protein (21%+)

  • High energy in the form of fat (21%+)

  • Crude fiber (23%+)

An Energy, Fiber and Protein Source

According to Cotton Incorporated, compared with other commonly available protein supplements, whole cottonseed is the only feedstuff with added high energy and high fiber. This combination is especially attractive when feeding the high producing, early lactation dairy cow in negative energy balance – a cow in need of both energy and fiber.


The energy content of whole cottonseed also makes it a valuable addition for cows with a reduced appetite, particularly those that have just freshened or are under weather-related stress.

Additional benefits of whole cottonseed:

  • Highly digestible: The energy in whole cottonseed is primarily from fat. If fed at a reasonable level, whole cottonseed will not interfere with forage digestion the way starch in corn can.

  • Improved body condition: Research also has shown that the fat in whole cottonseed improves body condition, which can lead to better reproductive performance.










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